Why You Shouldn't Buy SEO Packages Guaranteeing The Fastest Growth Of Positions In Search Engines

I wanted to write this article a long time ago but somehow did not have enough time. So, I decided to sort it out and to explain how it works and why you should not do it. There is a great forum - BlackHatWorld Forum. BHW really a cool forum where you can pick up lots of useful information about search promotion of websites and on-line marketing. Also this forum has a popular section where the forum members sell their SEO services. It's such a bright show that reminds me the carnival in Rio de Janeiro . Flashy colorful banners, announcements of all colors of a rainbow shout to a user that here he can buy unbelievably efficient backlinks, which are 100% Manually, 100% Safe for Google Panda and Penguin, 100% guaranteed result etc.

Why you shouldn't buy SEO packages guaranteeing the fastest growth of positions in search engines

Why you shouldn't buy SEO packages guaranteeing the fastest growth of positions in search engines

The majority of such offers sell back l inks in packages – from several dozens of links up to thousands of links per purchase. But you don't know on what exactly websites these links will be placed. You cannot control quality and even uniqueness of the content of where they will be placed. You are not able to verify whether these sites are located on different IP and have individual NS servers. No dynamics at all – you don't influence frequency of emergence of new links. In other words, you buy pig in a poke – having absolutely no idea what you are going to achieve as a result. Most probably your site will be penalized by Google Penguin for using fake spam links. Now I am going to give you the reasons why.

Why you shouldn't buy SEO packages guaranteeing the fastest growth of positions in search engines

Since 2013 Google has taken an extremely hard stand in relation to websites that use spam links in order to manipulate search results. For this purpose Google has issued two filters - Google Panda and Google Penguin. The algorithm of operation of these two filters still remains a puzzle but in broad terms we have an idea as to what and how these filters react.

Following are the main factors signaling to Google that a site conducts foul play and that sanctions have to be imposed on it. First there is a description of the factor and below – what most SEO packages offer and not only those that are present on the Blackhatworld Forum. Let's begin with the most significant factors:

1. Usage of business anchors for backlinks.

The majority of the websites having the prevailing number of links with business inquiries as anchors fall under the sanctions of Google Penguin.

How to avoid it?

To reduce to a minimum the usage of business anchors. It is better to use links without anchors (URL only), brand anchors or phrases like ‘this', ‘here', ‘click here', ‘more info' and so on. Anchors of the links should be as more diverse and trustworthy as possible.

What do the sellers of SEO packages offer?

In majority of cases the sellers of SEO packages allow to use any anchors but their quantity is often limited to 5 - 10 types of anchors.

2. Exclusive usage of dofollow backlinks.

It is a common error because of which a tremendous number of websites have suffered due to Google Penguin.

When buying or getting backlinks, many webmasters tend to use just dofollow backlinks which are the ones that influence the growth in search results. They say that nofollow links have no value for Google. Matt Cutts himself has once declared that Google does not account for nofollow links when rating websites. But if we take a backlink list of any popular website that has natural links, we will see that a significant part of these backlinks will be nofollow, because people naturally share links on their blogs, forums, social networks and often these links are nofollow by default. Thus, we come to a conclusion that presence of just dofollow backlinks means for Google that a website has got them unnaturally.

How to fix this problem?

To use nofollow backlinks alongside with dofollow backlinks.

What do the sellers of SEO packages offer?

Most SEO packages sell ‘100% Do-Follow links' as the most efficient ones for SEO.

3. Backlinks are placed on crappy websites.

When it is about hundreds and thousands of backlinks purchased in one go, the quality of websites where these backlinks are placed is usually very poor. Frequently such websites are created with the purpose to place links on them. Google has perfectly learned how to identify such sites and to analyze to what projects they are linked. Links from such websites almost guarantee sanctions by Google Penguin.

What's the cure?

Your site should have high-quality and useful content which other visitors will want to share, therefore building links to your website. It is recommended to buy backlinks exclusively in popular websites.

What do the sellers of SEO packages offer?

Hundreds of crappy links from link farms . As a rule, all sites belong to the SEO service owner and he is capable to create several hundreds of backlinks for your website very quickly. Despite a seeming completion of work, these links are harmful and often lead of a ban of the website. Imagine that a SEO package promising 250 ‘of superior quality, SEO friendly links, safe for Google Panda and Penguin' have been bought by 200 people. Google will detect the pattern very quickly when it notices that 200 independent sites have backlinks from identical domain names.

Moreover, nearly all websites where links are placed have low traffic, are stuffed with copy-paste links
and often have uniform content. All this brings to a sad end – both for clients of a SEO service and for an owner of a network of websites selling SEO package. But the last has got his ROI long ago and is going to create as many websites, will invent a new super-efficient and definitely ‘100% safe' SEO service.

4. The text around the link is not unique.

That is to say – many backlinks to your website are inserted in one and the same content. This happens when they save money on writing a singular and ultimate content or when the owner of a website who has ordered the service has no clue how exactly the link building for his website will occur. This unfortunate link building ends up exactly like all previous cases - Google identifies the regularity without effort – equal content – and inflicts sanctions for spam links.

How to escape the trap?

Every natural link to your site which people have willingly created will always vary in content. The content may be scarce or abundant or none – but it will practically never be identical. That's why , if you buy backlinks, they should be placed on webpages with authentic text around the links.

What do the sellers of SEO packages offer?

'$6 for 20 comments with the link!'

'$99 for writing a unique press-release and placement of it on 30 popular websites! '

'Platinum Package 400 High PR Links $499 Per Month!'

Sounds good, doesn't it? But what's the reality?

In first case one comment with a link to your website is been written and is been placed on 20 mostly trashy blogs with an automatic moderation of comments. Or even worse - all 20 blogs belong to one common network of sites. In any case the content used is not original and any uniqueness is out of question.

In second case the seller of a SEO package is honest with clients – he writes one press-release about your goods or service and submits it to umpteenth number of websites.

In third case you expect rocketing of your site rating because you became a happy customer of the Platinum Package! Ballyhoo promises, high-sounding service title and a bombastic result. But it is not the top 10 search results – it is nulling of all positions due to Google Penguin sanctions. If a SEO package seller accepts a monthly fee for placing backlinks, he has possibility to submit and to cancel them as necessary. In most cases it is a network of websites owned by him. Unlikely all websites of this network will have individual IP's and will be located on 400 different web hostings and their domain names will be registered on 400 separate owners (Google is a domain logger and can easily analyze data about owners even if they are hidden on WHOIS). But even if we dream it up - Google is too clever and sooner or later will discover websites that have 400 backlinks from coinciding websites. The result will be standard.

5. Links appear very promptly and disappear equally promptly.

Let's assume you have a new website or not new but it has very few backlinks. After you have ordered Powerful SEO package Super Power Effect (oh, how I fucking love those names – specifically thought up for stupid idiots – they make me laugh), for your website they have submitted 300 links during a month or even worse – a week. Before your site was getting no more than 10 links a month and now - the whole load of 300. It is a clear evidence for Google that the links are fake. Another popular trick – you forgot to pay the monthly fee for backlinks or the SEO package owner fell ill, died, decided to quit with this business, whatever – the key is that your links have suddenly vanished in the air. The situation is extremely dangerous. This is one more reason not to buy SEO package of any sort, regardless their big names and their great promises.

What to do?

To only buy by the piece or in bulk but after a time interval. Only buy permanent links – avoid any website networks for monthly fees.

What do the sellers of SEO packages offer?

In most cases they submit many links during a short period of time.

You should understand that all SEO services of mass production, that are not tailor-made but are made up to one and the same template with the involvement of site groups on stock, are doomed to a failure. Please consider it when purchasing backlinks.

Should you have your own thoughts on the topic – you can share your experience in comments to this post. I believe that folks will be thankful to you for this.