Why Some Sponsored Posts and Guest Posts Sometimes Do Not Work and How to Correct This?

Today, we will explain the most common problems related to the efficiency of sponsored posts, guest posts and articles hosted on GUI websites. So, you ordered a sponsored post or placed your own post, which cost you money or efforts, and certainly, your time. How to make the most out of it? How to fully squeeze out the benefit from this publication?

The first is post indexing

Most webmasters and marketers just purchase the publications and do nothing else. Practice shows that new posts are not always indexed by search engines on their own. Unquestionably, if you place a post on About.com or Huffington Post, there is no need to worry about indexing. Search engines index new pages on such super trusted websites quite rapidly. But indexing of new pages is not that simple for the websites with fewer visitors, especially those who actively add new content. In some cases, the published posts may not be indexed for months. This happens due to the fact that every day such GUI websites publish dozens or even hundreds of new articles. With this in mind, only a few visitors get to the home page, all other articles remain without attention of a wide range of audience and social networks. What can be done in this case?

1. Manually adding pages to Google index

This is a simple and effective way to index any page. However, you should remember not to use this method actively if you place new posts on a regular basis. In the long run, you need to gain new backlinks naturally without your participation.

2. Adding posts to social networks

Social networking is a great way to speed up the indexing of web pages. Besides, if your content is highly valuable, you will attract new readers to your website. Do not be limited to Facebook, Twitter and Google+; use other social networks, such as Pinterest, StubleUpon, and Reddit. The more attention you attract to the post, the sooner it will be indexed by the search engines. In addition, such method unlike the first one is totally natural and safe accordingly.

Well, your post was indexed but its mission is not over. How about to multiply its effect on your main website? For this purpose it is necessary to strengthen this post or just promote it in the search engines. Everything is simple, the higher your article is in the search results, the greater will be the benefit of external links and the more effective it will be for your website.

The second is promoting publications

I will tell you a little secret, web pages on highly visited websites (with high DA) are much easier to promote in the search engines compared to promoting the pages with similar content on your own website. In other words, you will spend much smaller budget on promoting an article published on some super trusted website compared to promoting the same article on your own website. This happens for several reasons:

- Google much confidently treats the content published by authoritative resources.

- Such content is often republished on other less popular websites with a link to its source. Thus, there are many natural backlinks on this article.

- It is relatively easy to add backlinks in the articles on popular websites. For example, you can easily get a link to the article published on HuffingtonPost using Wikipedia. In order to do this, you should find the most relevant article in Wikipedia and add it with a few sentences. Consequently, you need to indicate the source of information in the references, which is a backlink to your article.

If you try to do the same by adding a link directly to your website, it will be removed by the moderators without even reading the article. In case of an authoritative website, it is unlikely to happen, especially if the title of this article does not look as advertising.

For this reason, promoting links in the posts on other popular websites is always profitable. How to do it correctly?

First of all, always remember that spam is spam at all times, even if you are spamming the web page on a well-known website. It is especially true when you build links with the help of forums, by commenting on blogs, in video hosting, and similar websites where you can place links in your responses. In order to look more naturally, search for the topics that directly relate to the subject of your article. If you decide to leave a comment with a link to your article, it should look as if you are helping the readers with valuable information, but not trying to advertise something. Many marketers proudly call themselves link building experts, but they do not understand these things and chase primarily after the number of obtained backlinks. Over time, most of these backlinks disappear since they are correctly perceived by the moderators as spam.

The second effective way of obtaining high-quality links to the articles hosted on popular resources is writing to the owners of similar websites with a request to post a link. This method despite its apparent simplicity leads to excellent results. It is done in the following way:

1. You create an email for the person who is an author of your article. It is important to use the name of this person in the email title. For example, the author of an article is Bryan Peterson. In this case, the correct email would be bryan.peterson@yahoo.com or similar.

2. Select the list of websites. More precisely, it should be the list of web pages with the articles similar to yours. Such a list is easy to create if you analyze the issue of searching on relevant queries. Sift through the forums, company websites, directories; your goal is to compile a list of blog posts, including corporate ones that already link to the article similar to yours. If your article is written in sufficient detail, thoroughly and comprehensively explores the topic, there is a high possibility that the owners or authors of other websites will put a link to your article. I repeat once again, your article should be much better compared to the articles of authors who you write a request for placing a backlink.

3. When the list of web pages is ready, use your previously created email to send the following letter:

Dear [name],

I have a great experience in the [topic] and sometimes I write articles on this subject in the popular websites.

Recently, I wrote a large and detailed article, [add URL of your article] where I thoroughly investigated [disclose a little about your article].
Perhaps, you will find it interesting since you are the author of a great article [provide URL of the author’s article] from which I used some ideas and that refers to another article on the same topic. Possibly, you will find my article to be worthy of mentioning in your article.

In any case, thank you for your time.

Best Regards,
[First and Last Name].

Given that your article is published in a respected and popular website rather than on your personal blog, such request will be treated properly and you will get a lot of natural backlinks.

Over time, occasionally working on a reference profile of your article, you will notice that your article will slowly but surely go to the top of search engine results. Consequently, your backlink placed in this article will be much more effective for SEO. The referring traffic will also increase. For this reason, do not be limited to purchasing publications in the popular resources; promote them and you will significantly improve your results.