How to Rank any Video on The First Page of YouTube in 24 hours - Step-by-Step Guide

In this guide you will find out how to rank extremely quick (within 24 hours) your video on the first page of YouTube for any niche. It's a really good method but of course it has its cons. After around 12-24 hours your video will be moved from the first page to the second and it will continue dropping in rank. It's a natural process and nothing you can do to prevent it. But it won't interfere you to get huge traffic, leads and sales.

Rumor has it that one can see SEO inscribed on the foreheads of serious and concerned webmasters. Less harshly put, it's believed that SEO is the real differentiator governing the success of websites, and the hardest yard that a webmaster has to cross and then protect. Well, there's no denying that SEO is the fuel for your website's journey to success, but the age contemporary success mantra of smart work has a lot to benefit to webmasters who're willing to be adventurous and cunning.

Now that your mind is receptive to the idea of achieving success without sweating yourself out, let's talk about YouTube, which would easily be a part of any list of the seven wonders of the digital world. Without stopping to laud the marvels of YouTube, let's see what is has for webmasters and SEO enthusiasts:

  • Ranking YouTube videos is 50 times easier than ranking web pages
  • Daily searches conducted on YouTube outnumber those made on Bing and Yahoo
  • Traffic, leads, sales - everything will be yours with a YouTube video that ranks in the first page, even if for a little time

That puts things in perspective. Rank your videos on the first page of YouTube to experience the following magical benefits:

  • More leads when viewers click through to your landing pages, which can be converted to sales or repeat traffic
  • Branding for your websites and web projects as your video description can do all the talking
  • Substantial on-page stay time when you lure visitors from your YouTube video to the complete video content hosted on your website

Let's not strike the nail further when we know it's left a deep mark on you. All this while we rambled about ranking videos on the first page of YouTube; the big question remains – Is that so easy to do? How's it done? Well, it's easy to do it. To find out 'how', read on.

More on the method

We're moments before beginning on a stepwise journey for your video to the first page of YouTube. Just note that this method works for all kinds of videos, so you can plan to succeed in any niche. However, you'd want to note that the after ranking on YouTube page 1, the video will subsequently move on to page 2, then 3 and so on, and this relegation begins after anything between 12-24 hours of exposure to your video and the accompanying content to the first page. That said, you can always plan your complete strategy with well analyzed tactics such as timing and periodic repetition to make this method the catalyst of your YouTube success reaction. Enough said; the magic begins –

The staircase to the first page on YouTube – step by step:

The Prerequisites

1. You'll need a valid email ID before you begin your adventure with YouTube, so sign up for a Gmail account. Here's a quick link for you. Enter all the details asked for in the sign up form, including your full name, the new email address, a strong password, gender and birth date details, and finally the captcha. You might also want to key in your mobile number and use a verification code to verify your account; although you can skip this optional step.

2. It's time to log in to YouTube now, so head over to To the top left side of the window, you'll see shortcut links such as What To Watch, My Channel, History, etc. Click in My Channel and observe the pop window as shown here.

3. Click on the “To use a business or other name, click here” option and key in the details for the new channel in the subsequent window, which is shown here

4. In the Name Your Channel field, key in the keywords for which you want the video to rank, and then select any category from the drop down under the field. Check mark the 'I agree to the Pages Term' and click the Finished button.

Upload, Unlist, Optimize and Rank

5. With your YouTube channel in place, next task is to upload your video. Though this method is all about giving you guaranteed success in spite of the worth of your content, but it's to your benefit to upload really quality video so that it can later stand on its own. Also, the initial impression it makes on viewers will be instrumental in motivating them to actually click the links placed in the video description. Once you've selected a video, click on the Upload button available from the top of your YouTube page.

6. This is where the magical method really kicks in. At the time you're uploading the video, you're also required to make it accessible under any one of 3 different accessibility styles – Private, Public and Unlisted. It is a common practice to upload videos as Public, so that YouTube users can find the video in due course of time, endow it with likes and comments so that more views can be gathers, and so on. Not in this case, as it is sure shot and straightaway success that we want. You'll need to upload the video as Unlisted. This is of the utmost importance, and is the life and soul of this method.

7. As you see your video uploading, you will need to provide a lot of details about the video. This is the next momentous step we're going to take. See the screen below; you'll need to fill in details just as instructed in the screen.

Here is a salient walkthrough the screen:

  • Title – Fill in the title in format 'How to <exact keyword>'. Example, your title could be How to SEO
  • Description – Write a long description that looks as genuine as possible; just that you'll need to include all your keywords here, as much as is practically possible
  • Tags – Just include your exact keyword here
  • A word of advice here – While naming the title of the video, research on YouTube for videos coming up for the keyword, and then mix and match their titles to create something that makes sense. Also, remember to add your affiliate links

8. Wait till the video uploads. Then, copy its link and paste it in another browser window. Hit Enter and watch the video play.

Creating the virtual viral impression

9. We're now about to impress upon YouTube that your video is on the verge of being viral, and that's by boosting the video with lots of free likes and views. Yes; it's all going to be free, and really quick. To begin with this, you'll need to install Google Chrome, if you're already not using the superb browser. Check out this link to download Chrome.

10. Set Chrome up, and then install a wonderful little extension or Chrome, called Auto Refresh Plus. Help yourself to the following link.

It's a free extension, and you will need to click on the 'Free' button. After that, you'll see the 'Add To Chrome' button on the top right of the window; click it and the app will be integrated with your Chrome browser within seconds.

9. Now, open your uploaded video in a new tab, in Chrome. You will observe a blue icon visible in the top right corner of the screen; this is the shortcut to opening the newly installed Auto Refresh Plus. Once you click on it, you'll observe a form with several fields, as shown.

10. Select the custom time option at the bottom of the form, and specify 1 second as the value in the field. In effect, this is asking the page to refresh every second. More simply put, this puts your YouTube video into autopilot, with views being added every second because of the automatically reloading page.

11. Wait for an hour or more and come back to the page; you'll most probably observe the count stuck at 301 views. Let it be; the actual number of 'views' that you've given to the page is safely recorded and available for YouTube.

Finish in style with several Likes

12. Although not a mandatory step, it does make sense to bless your video with loads of likes, so that it's evident popularity looks genuine to people. We know, you're in no mood to stalk your social networks to Like your video. The solution – AddMeFast. Head over to, a network where you can exchange the points you earn for likes to your videos.

13. Put your head down and begin liking videos from other people, till the time you accumulate 500 points. If you do it with a fairly decent internet connection, it shall not take you more than half an hour. Remember, the Auto Refresh tool is grabbing views for your video in the background; so it's hardly a time waste to invest half an hour in arranging for Likes for your video.

14. Once you have enough accumulated points, click on the Add Site/Page button, and fill in details in the form that opens up.

With 500 credits, you will be able to get 71 likes, at a rate of 7 credits being used up per click.

15. Just wait for an hour or so, in which the likes and views will be registered in YouTube systems.

The final moments

16. We'll publish the video now. Yes, you can close down the refreshing tab, and can use the link to directly jump on to the Video Manager, where we're going to take the action now. Ensure that you do just as shown in the images that follow.

Select the check box to the left of the newly added video's thumbnail.

Click on the Action option; the drop down shows options such as Public, Private, Unlisted. Click on the Public button, and let changes get automatically saved after that.

All the efforts we've done on the past few minutes are supposed to impress upon YouTube that your video has made itself viral, courtesy the whopping likes and views it has gathered at the time of being public. The result – in an hour or so, you will see your video flaunting itself at the very first YouTube page for the keyword you've made it ran for!