H1 - What Is It And How To Use It Correctly For SEO?

What is tag H1?

Tags h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 are important elements of HTML code allowing to structure content of web page and to accent attention of search engines to certain parts of text. The tag H1 itself is the most important from all six. It displays a summary of a entire page and contains keywords relevant to a content of a page. Here example of using title H1:

<h1>H1 - what is it and how to use it correctly for SEO?</h1>

Why are tags h1 - h6 so important?

First of all because search engines, Google in particular, take into consideration h1, h2, h3 etc. in website's indexation. Site with correct inner optimization displays higher than competitors in serp. Presence of quality content and inner page optimization become more and more important factor for serp. Even more important than external optimization. Correctly inserted tags h1-h6 is one of the most important moment you should pay attention to in inner optimization of a website.

How to use tag H1?

Tags h1 - h6 divide text on a page on parts.

H1 - is title of a whole page. By using H1 you should pay attention to the following rules:

  • <h1> is always placed on the top of a page above all other text on a page.
  • <h1> must not be use on one page more than once.
  • <h1> must not be a link
  • <h1> must have an optimal length - over 3 words and up to 6
  • <h1> must contain keywords but it must not consist of only keywords
  • Title <h1> must be unique for each page
  • Don't use <h1> together with other accent tags. For example: b, strong.

How to use tag h2-h6? If H1 tag is a title of a web page then h2 are title of parts of a page. As well as a book you can divide content of a page into parts. Titles of main parts of a page are highlighted by tag h2, titles of sub-sections are highlighted by tags h3 etc. Tags h1-h3 are mostly used but if your content has a deep structure - it will be right to use h4 and other tags. By using tags h2-h6 consider the same rules as for H1 and moreover tags h2-h6 can be used many times on one page. It's important to understand that tags h1-h6 have strict hierarchy and the lower tag h - the smaller have to be font of a title. Accordingly title highlighted by H1 will be the biggest one.

NOTE: Many contemporary standard CMS (WordPress, Joomla etc.) insert h1 - h6 automatically and it's not always correspond to published content. For example WordPress by a default often use <h3> for title of a page and <h1> don't use at all. That's why it's very important to check this moment by yourself and to correctly insert these tags.