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  • H1 - What Is It And How To Use It Correctly For SEO?

    What is tag H1? Tags h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 are important elements of HTML code allowing to structure content of web page and to accent attention of search engines to certain parts of text. The tag H1 itself is the most important from all six. It displays a summary of a entire page and contains keywords relevant to a content of a page. Here example of using ...

  • How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

    If you've had any experience with content marketing strategies, you'll obviously know that it isn't just something businesses are doing to stick with the trends; it has become a critical marketing requirement. Web marketing research journals have documented and detailed that a vast majority of B2B marketers have, and need, a content marketing strategy, as th ...

  • Negative SEO - 10 Things You Might Not Know About

    Ever since the Penguin algorithm began penalizing websites that appeared to have built unnatural backlinks, webmasters and SEO experts have been breathing with difficulty whenever negative SEO is mentioned. In a world where the hue and cry over Penguin's penalties and manual penalties is yet to die down, negative SEO has all the ingredients of being the next ...

  • 25 Best Web Directories for SEO

    SEO is on every webmaster's mind; truly, a website is as good as nothing without the life and soul of SEO. It makes sense to do as much as possible in terms of affecting a diversified SEO strategy, as you can truly never know as to what is the perfect formula of SEO success. Web directories have been, and continue, to be an appreciable portion of both tradit ...

  • How does Google Panda work? How to avoid its sanctions?

    Google Panda – what's this? Never heard of Google Panda? Is it an all new Google product? A mascot panda for the web giant? A secret society devising means to hack Google users' personal details? Well, Google Panda is nothing out of these. Let's start with the basics; Google is a search engine built upon the values of simplicity and relevance, and is ...

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