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  • Now You Can Pay For Our Service via Bitcoin

    Good news for cryptocurrency fans. From today Bitcoin is available to pay for Netgeron's services. Now you will be able to buy publication on popular resources via PayPal, WebMoney and Bitcoin. Payment via Bitcoin also occurs automatically:     1. You place everything you want to order into shopping cart.     2. Then in payment methods ...

  • 15 Myths About Modern SEO

    SEO for an average person is a closed branch of marketing. It is closed mainly because of the understanding - there's no clear understanding how it works and what is necessary for SEO to be really efficient. This is primarily due to the fact that information about the search systems' algorithms is a taboo. We, marketers, can only guess about how search syste ...

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Fighting Against Content Theft

    The problem with the easy availability of online content, including music, videos, text and images, is just that: not only is it accessible to potential viewers or customers, it's easy for other websites to steal and simply copy-paste onto their own website. Just think of the mindboggling statistics: Google gets requests from at least forty million users to ...

  • Negative SEO - 10 Things You Might Not Know About

    Ever since the Penguin algorithm began penalizing websites that appeared to have built unnatural backlinks, webmasters and SEO experts have been breathing with difficulty whenever negative SEO is mentioned. In a world where the hue and cry over Penguin's penalties and manual penalties is yet to die down, negative SEO has all the ingredients of being the next ...

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