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  • Why Some Sponsored Posts and Guest Posts Sometimes Do Not Work and How to Correct This?

    Today, we will explain the most common problems related to the efficiency of sponsored posts, guest posts and articles hosted on GUI websites. So, you ordered a sponsored post or placed your own post, which cost you money or efforts, and certainly, your time. How to make the most out of it? How to fully squeeze out the benefit from this publication? The fir ...

  • Why You Shouldn't Buy SEO Packages Guaranteeing The Fastest Growth Of Positions In Search Engines

    I wanted to write this article a long time ago but somehow did not have enough time. So, I decided to sort it out and to explain how it works and why you should not do it. There is a great forum - BlackHatWorld Forum. BHW really a cool forum where you can pick up lots of useful information about search promotion of websites and on-line marketing. Also this f ...

  • 25 Best Web Directories for SEO

    SEO is on every webmaster's mind; truly, a website is as good as nothing without the life and soul of SEO. It makes sense to do as much as possible in terms of affecting a diversified SEO strategy, as you can truly never know as to what is the perfect formula of SEO success. Web directories have been, and continue, to be an appreciable portion of both tradit ...

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