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  • Why Some Sponsored Posts and Guest Posts Sometimes Do Not Work and How to Correct This?

    Today, we will explain the most common problems related to the efficiency of sponsored posts, guest posts and articles hosted on GUI websites. So, you ordered a sponsored post or placed your own post, which cost you money or efforts, and certainly, your time. How to make the most out of it? How to fully squeeze out the benefit from this publication? The fir ...

  • Now You Can Pay For Our Service via Bitcoin

    Good news for cryptocurrency fans. From today Bitcoin is available to pay for Netgeron's services. Now you will be able to buy publication on popular resources via PayPal, WebMoney and Bitcoin. Payment via Bitcoin also occurs automatically:     1. You place everything you want to order into shopping cart.     2. Then in payment methods ...

  • 5 Best Tools To Check Keyword Positions In Google And Other Search Engines

    SEO is a lot about proactive approach, and that can only be facilitated by proper monitoring. A pre-requisite to convenient and adequate monitoring is the availability of tools that can automate, or at least speed up the process. When you venture into the SEO domains, the gravity of keywords weighs you down, but you really have to get up and take control to ...

  • How To Optimize robots.txt For Better SEO?

    The robots exclusion protocol, aka robots.txt file is a simple text file created by webmasters in order to provide instructions to search engine robots on how they should crawl and index a website and its web pages. What this basically means is that a robots.txt file effectively works as an anti-sitemap, instructing search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing ...

  • 15 Myths About Modern SEO

    SEO for an average person is a closed branch of marketing. It is closed mainly because of the understanding - there's no clear understanding how it works and what is necessary for SEO to be really efficient. This is primarily due to the fact that information about the search systems' algorithms is a taboo. We, marketers, can only guess about how search syste ...

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