If you want to successfully and safely promote your website in search engines, you should bet on quality but not on quantity. More high-quality publications, more links from trusted websites - that's what search engines like.

Netgeron team

About Our Service

Our motto is "created for marketers by marketers". Nobody could create a service/product better than professionals, who work in their own field. Earlier we had another name and were engaged in the contextual advertisement and SEO. We promoted clients' websites of various niches and helped them to reach the top of Google's SERP. Our team is working on the same things now, but in a smaller scope. When we started offering SEO service in 2007, the technology of search promotion was much more primitive than it is today. It became evident through the time that purchasing hundreds of links from the link exchanges became ineffective and even insecure. With the passage of time, SEO began to rely on two significant aspects: high-quality content and high-quality links from well-recognized and respected resources. The quality of links was not that important in the past as it is today; now quality started to be the main goal. Since then, we started to searching for an opportunity to display links on mega popular websites. It wasn't a simple task at that time when the concept of "guest posting" had only appeared and there was hardly ever possible to buy a link on such websites by an agreement. But we have found these possibilities.

In 2012 Google released its filters: Google Penguin and Panda. Many customers who suffered from the penalties and wanted to remove Google's sanctions for their websites, had contacted us. We have discovered a favorable action of high-quality links on websites recovering from the algorithm filter (when Google doesn't send you notifications concerning its penalties). Sometimes it was enough to insert 2-3 non-anchor links from the Yahoo directory, about.com and similar websites and Google suspended its sanctions. Certainly, it was preceded by serious work (we had to reveal and delete all spam-links, worked with an anchor list and so on), but several high-quality links from respected resources speeded up the recovery of websites from Google's sanctions. Usage of Yahoo directory was extremely expensive since it required the listings of annual payments. As an alternative, we have found other ways for placing the links in posts on other respected websites. That cost us more than the purchase of listings on Yahoo directory, but didn't require annual payments and was more profitable in the long term.

Later our marketers collected a great list of competent websites with the traffic of more than 250K a month. We gained an opportunity to place the publications with links to our clients' websites. This base of websites expanded and we began offering custom-built placement of links in posts on the popular websites. Afterwards, we have improved our prices and many advertisements started to cost within $100. We have employed qualified writers for the writing service and started offering respected websites with ready-made high-quality posts. However, many advertisements are still written by our previously hired authors, who work for the famous media. This is a single method for the attainment of links from such portals and prices in this case can be higher. Despite this, it is profitable to work with us. Just imagine how much you have to pay for such a link with a monthly payment for 3 years. And many link aggregators work for a monthly payment. At the same time, we take only non-recurrent payment for the permanent placement of links in a post – for the whole time of the web page's existence. You make a non-recurrent payment and an advertisement with the reference to your website remains forever. Moreover, for each link we will write a relevant, unique article in the format of a particular website. It means that everything looks as if the famous media decided to mention your website. It looks natural and worthwhile!

Why is it profitable?

After the release and updates of Google Penguin, SEO in its classical meaning has died. Long live new SEO!

Now the main aim is a high-quality content and the high-quality links. These are not the links, hundreds of which were bought by marketers (which is a waste now). High-quality content and high-quality links are playing a significant role nowadays. Everything is easy – if your website has a link from such a resource – search engines have more trust in your website. If such tendency becomes regular – your site's positions will permanently increase in search engines. In addition, many trusted websites will bring more visitors to your website. Despite high price of these advertisements, you will get permanent links. It means that you pay for writing and placing of sponsor's post only once. Your post is placed forever. There is no need to pay for the placement each month or year; you pay only once. It is economically profitable and secure for Google Penguin and other filters in the long-term perspective.