25 Best Web Directories for SEO

SEO is on every webmaster's mind; truly, a website is as good as nothing without the life and soul of SEO. It makes sense to do as much as possible in terms of affecting a diversified SEO strategy, as you can truly never know as to what is the perfect formula of SEO success. Web directories have been, and continue, to be an appreciable portion of both traditional and more dynamic webmasters and SEO experts, and that's in spite of the fact that with the updating Google search algorithms, the real SEO impact of web directories has been mitigated to a certain extent. It was not long ago when web directory submissions contributed to your backlink profiles, enabled you to rank for more keywords, generate organic traffic for your websites, and get easily and quickly crawled. Of course, it's not as incontestable a proposition at this date, but that does not completely obscure the contributions that web directories have to make to the SEO appeal of your website.

There's every reason for you to filter out authoritative and renowned web directories that have stood like oaks and weathered the tests of time. Submissions to these directories are guaranteed to catalyze great SEO results for your websites, apart from increasing the traffic inflow because of the number of readers of these directories' articles. Several factors count when you try to judge a web directory, some of them being:

  • Authority – Is it a niche web directory, with authority in a domain?
  • Popularity – How many monthly visitors does the directly record? What's the number of registered members?
  • Age – Has the directory been present in the market long enough? Is it constantly upgrading?
  • Number of pages indexed by Google – This one's a really integral parameter. Does the directory enjoy a substantial number of indexed pages with Google or any other search engine you're specifically targeting?
  • Page Rank – What's the PR of the web directory? High PR generally means that getting on to the directory could be tough for you!
  • Ratings and stats – How do Alexa or other reputed web reputation and statistics agencies rate and regard the web directory?

We save you all the research efforts and present an exhaustive list of 25 of the most worthwhile, credible and empowered web directories from the cyber-sphere. Target the most relevant ones from these and give impetus to your SEO efforts.

1. Directory Journal

Direct Journal, though relatively new on the block, has quickly gained favor throughout world for being one of the most trust web directories. With over 80 K visits per month, the site receives decent amount of focused traffic to its listings. Getting listed in the directory costs $60 per month, but the rewards in return in are nevertheless remarkable.

2. JoeAnt

Established in the wake of the new millennium, JoeAnt is a popular volunteer maintained web directory with a massive web presence. With a constant traffic flow nearing 80k, the site receives a high SEO score from all web experts. The volunteer based indexing means, most URLs may have already been listed, or else you can join for free with no hidden costs.

3. Aviva Directory

Started in 2005, Aviva Directory lists websites and blogs separately based on a broad range of categories making navigation through them simple. With a steady traffic of 70k visitors per month, the directory receives periodic updates of revisions to the index. Completely managed and maintained by professional staff, the directory charges $50 for as annual listing fee per URL.

4. Jasmine Directory

Jasmine Directory was founded in 2009, and it's one of the top tier directories. It has a Domain Authority of 60 (checked October 17 2017). Its Trustoflow is 61 and Alexa rank around 17k. This directory lists businesses, websites and companies. Users may enhance their listings by adding their businesses' address, phone and fax number. A google map with the business location is generated based on this information. One of it's owners, Robert Gombos was a DMOZ editor. The directory doesn't feature any affiliations or ads. Users can suggest their resources in topic and regional based categories. Many listings are added manually, being hand-picked by its editors. The directory generally uses the official name of the websites.

5. Scrubtheweb

Scrubthweb has been the go-to directory for most website owners, thanks to the highly interactive navigation options and the excellent SEO tools provided by the index. Created in 1995, the directly receives over 400k hits each month. And the best part is, the directory charges nothing to add a URL to the index.

6. Directory World

With its simple and easy-to-navigate design, Directory World is the ideal human edited directory. With a number of focused niche categories and an estimated traffic inflow of 60k visitors, the index is sure the right place to update your URL. And the best thing is, reviews and additions of web address cost nothing for the user.

7. Jayde

Jayde prides itself as a business to business web directory with special focus on business related search listings. Created in 1996, it is one of the oldest web listings online, and has always remained free to use for users. The directory receives over 410K visits each month with an average page time of over 4 minutes.

8. Best of the Web

Best of the Web seamlessly integrates social network sites with its listings to increase the visibility of any site included in its directory, making it one of the best directories to submit your site to. Established in 1994, the directory receives a constant traffic of over 310K visitors each month. The directory charges $149.95 for a listing and review.

9. Cannylink

During the time of its creation, in 1997, Cannylink was the largest hand coded directory which renders it superior human navigation features. The directory includes target specific categories, and elaborate sublists, and receives over 20K visits per month. The minimal listing charge is priced $19.95 for an unlimited time, this includes review by the editorial board as well.

10. Starting Point

With profession specific listings, Starting Point is the best directory for submitting sites related to specific businesses or professions. Started in 1995, the directory offers an ad-free clean interface for quick search and easy location. With a steady traffic flow of 10K, the site assures guaranteed views of relevant URLs. The listing at the directory is priced at $99 per year.

11. Elib

Dedicated exclusively for listing shopping and ecommerce websites, Elib is a specialty directory that ensures more targeted traffic to your site. Created in 2003, the directory receives over 10000 visitors each month. The broader search regions, specific category wise ecommerce listing, and a charge free indexing, make it ideal for e-shop owners.

12. Directory@v7n

Directory@v7n, established in 2004, is one of the most sought after directories in the US and receives over 10000 visitors each month. Featuring region specific and city specific listing, the directory is ideal for local business and vendors. The directory charges a one time amount of $49.95 for each URL submission.

13. Gimpsy

Launched in the year 2001, Gimpsy is an editor reviewed online web directory with a global presence and a diverse viewership. With a neat action based search menu, the directory links to related categories for a particular activity automatically. With a steady 25K viewership, and cost free membership the web directory is truly a bargain.

14. Go Guides

With a peer reviewed database, and a completely spam free listing, the Go Guides web register ranks high when it comes to providing credible web information. Created in 2001, the directory is one of the oldest and popular indexing sites on the web, with an average 30K viewership per month. The directory costs $69.95 per review and addition of URL.

15. Alive Directory

Consistent ranked high by popular SEO consultants, the Alive Directory offers a clean and simple-to-use web indexing services. With close to a decade's web presence, the directory receives 20k hits each month, and boasts a minimal bounce rate. The listing costs $ 49.95 for addition of single registered link, and offers money back guarantee as well.

16. Web World Index

With both professional and region centric listing, Web World Index is the most searched register for local and region web addresses. Established in 2001, the site's popularity is undisputed and on average receives 110K visitors from all over the world. Submission of URLs regional categories is absolutely free with the web directory.

17. 01 web directory

01 Web Directory, since its inception in 2003, has been the go-to index for spam free, reviewed web listings. With separate sections for website and blogs, and features to add powerful SEO and marketing tools, the index offers the best bargain at just $49 per listing. And with an average traffic inflow of 110K visitors your website is sure to find its place.

18. IPL

Launched in year 1997, IPL is a massive volunteer maintained online web directory, which partners with professionals and researchers from around the world. With over 650K hits each month, it's one of the most popular web indexes and has completely categorized sections for every user. The best thing about the directory is that it costs absolutely nothing to submit a listing.

19. Mastermoz

With complete social integration and a diverse web viewership, Mastermoz ensures targeted traffic flow to your website. The directory has been around since 2004, and receives a constant monthly traffic of 50K visitors, thanks to its spam free indexing and easy to navigate categories. The annual submission cost for a single URL costs $19.95 with the directory.

20. Linkpedia

Relatively new on the block, Linkpedia still ensures a complete return on investment with its advance indexing functionalities and large viewer base. With neatly categorized links and business specific listing, the directory receives over 60K targeted traffic each month. And the best part is, the directory charges nothing for submitting regular URLs to its listings.

21. Somuch

Somuch, founded in 1997, is one of the premier indexing services of the web with a true worldwide presence. With an average traffic flow of over 310,000 visitors every month, the directory receives the largest focused traffic compared any other indexing site. Since the site is largely volunteer maintained, it costs nothing to submit a link to the registry.

22. Rdirectory

Rdirectory has been around since 2005, and is ranked one of the top web directories by users around the world. With its highly subcategorized listings and sparsely populated pages, it attracts over 95,000 visitors each month. And the direct links to websites and genuine backlinks help with SEO as well. The registry costs no money for submitting regular URLs to be reviewed.

23. Amray

Considered as the most popular free web directory, Amray charges nothing from users for reviewing and listing URLs. With an average 40K traffic flow, the directory maintains a decent inflow of targeted visitors as well. The business specific indexing and the quick navigation options ensure guaranteed traffic to your site.

24. Prolinkdirectory

Prolinkdirectory, established in 2000, is one of the oldest web indexing services with a large volume traffic flow. Attracting over 160K hits each month, the directory is a great bargain considering it charges nothing for its listings. The directory also has separate categorized pages for website links, blogs and article pages.